International summer school on catalyst preparation : fundamental concepts and industrial requirements
    9-14 June 2024 - Vogüé, France
    The CatPrep summer school, open to an international scientific community, wishes to provide a general framework for teaching the fundamental and applied concepts of catalyst preparation. It will give a comprehensive overview of the fundamental knowledge required for the controlled elaboration of heterogeneous catalytic materials and will present the industrial requirements for large-scale synthesis. The program will be divided into five parts with about 50% of academic and 50% industrial lectures :
    • Fundamental bases (introduction; physicochemistry of surfaces)
    • Support and porous materials synthesis
    • Active phase deposition (impregnation, precipitation, activation : drying, calcination, activation)
    • Industrial requirements (up-scaling, regeneration)
    • Other directions (colloidal methods, automated and high-throughput synthesis, characterisation methods, surface molecular chemistry, computational approaches)
    Up-dated web site will be available in october 2023 and registration will be possible from february 2024
    > Contact: xavier.carrier@sorbonne-universite.fr

    24-26 June 2024 - Florence, Italy
    The International Symposium on Carbon for CATALYSIS, now in its tenth edition, is the biennial event devoted to fundamental advances of C-based materials in catalysis. The three days scientific program will schedule:
    • 3 Plenary Lecturers: Prof. Markus ANTONIETTI (Germany), Prof. Teresa J. BANDOSZ (USA), Prof. Ding MA (China)
    • 6 Keynote Lecturers: Prof. Gabriele CENTI (Italy); Prof. Bastian J. M. ETZOLD (Germany); Prof. Vanessa FIERRO (France); Prof. Enrique GARCIA-BORDEJÉ (Spain); Prof. Sophie HERMANS (Belgium); Prof. Yuefeng LIU (China)
    • and more than 30 oral communications, together with a Poster session.
    All in all, the conference will cover 8 different topics
    > Website: www.carbocat10.eu
    > Contacts: Giuliano Giambastiani (chairperson): giuliano.giambastiani@iccom.cnr.it or carbocat10@iccom.cnr.it
    Andrea Rossin & Giulia Tuci (Scientific Secretariat): a.rossin@iccom.cnr.it & giulia.tuci@iccom.cnr.it or secretariat@carbocat10.eu

    8-12 July 2024 - Lyon, France
    • Target group: Graduated and PhD students in Catalysis, Post-docs who want to broaden their knowledge in Catalysis
    • Expected number of participants: around 50. 
    • Scope: This 7th Summer school in Catalysis aims to provide fundamentals to navigate in the multidisciplinary field of heterogeneous Catalysis. The courses will cover theoretical and practical aspects of Catalyst preparation, catalyst characterization including short and long range spectroscopies, in situ catalysts investigation, mechanism and kinetic modelling as well as catalytic processes. The courses will be provided by international lectures from academics and industries and accompanied with practical courses. Laboratories and industrial site visits in the chemistry Valley in the South of Lyon will be organized.
    > Contact: Prof. Anne Giroir-Fendler, Lyon University - anne.giroir-fendler@ircelyon.univ-lyon1.fr

    10-12 July 2024 - Lille, France
    The Chem One symposium will cover various catalytic reactions and processes involving molecules with a single carbon atom:
    • CO2 upgrading (hydrogenation, reduction, CO2 for oxidation/dehydrogenation, carbonates)
    • Catalytic valorisation of methane (coupling, partial oxidation, functionalization, reforming)
    • Methanol-mediated hydrocarbon synthesis from CO and CO2
    • Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
    • Synthesis of methanol and dimethyl ether
    • Synthesis of substituted natural gas (SNG)
    • Conversion of methanol to hydrocarbons
    Confirmed plenary speakers: Prof. Xinhe Bao, Prof. Jorge Gascon, Prof. Silvia Bordiga, Prof. Marc Koper, Prof. Ye Wang Specific topics: catalyst design, thermocatalysis, photocatalysis, electrocatalysis, catalyst characterization, modelling, kinetics, process development and intensification.
    > Call for Papers
    > Website: www.c1chem.org
    > Contact: andrei.khodakov@univ-lille.fr , vitaly.ordomsky@univ-lille.fr

    10-12 July 2024 - Caen, France
    The International Symposium SPECTROCAT aims to present and discuss the latest developments in advanced spectroscopies and microscopies, operando characterizations for catalysis and new methods for data analysis. The symposium will feature plenary conferences, oral presentations and posters Prestigious plenary speakers have already confirmed their venue : Dr Pablo Beato (Haldor Topsøe A/S, DK), Prof Alexander Dazzi (U-Paris Saclay, FR), Prof Ovidui Ersen (U-Strasbourg, FR), Prof Davide Ferri (PSI, CH) and Prof. Bert Weckhuysen (U- Utrecht, NL).
    > Contact: spectrocat@ensicaen.fr

    13 July 2024 - Lyon, France
    This workshop will allow researchers, industry professionals and policy makers to explore and discuss the latest advancements and future prospects in green hydrogen production. The workshop will feature keynote speeches from leading experts in the field to initiate interactive working group discussions. Main conclusions of the workshop will be summarized in a short report for policymakers to guide further funding in this crucial field for the energy transition. Green H2 topics covered by the lectures and discussed by the working groups will be:
    • Advanced electrolysis technologies (PEM, AWE, AEMWE, seawater electrolysis,…)
    • Bio-based approaches (biomass, photo-biocatalysis …)
    • Catalysis for water splitting (challenges, non-critical materials, recycling…)
    • Reactor designs and process optimization
    > Website
    > Contact: elobio@ircelyon.univ-lyon1.fr

    20-24 July 2024 - Bilbao, Spain
    The spirit of this International Symposium is to organize an encounter between worldwide academic and industrial scientists with interest in the application of catalysis to the Sustainable Development. The scientific program will consist of invited lectures and keynotes, about 40 oral presentations and an estimate of 80 posters.
    > Flyer
    > Website: www.ccesc2024.com
    > Contact: info@ccesc2024.com  
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