The time available for oral presentation depends on the type of presentation that you were confirmed:
    • Keynote presentation: 35 min presentation + 5 min for Q&A (40 minutes in total)
    • Standard oral presentation15 min presentation + 5 min for Q&A (20 minutes in total)
    • Short oral presentation6 min presentation + 2 min for Q&A (8 minutes in total)

    We will keep the schedule starting time for each presentation even if the previous author does not require the full allowed time or if there is an unexpected cancellation.
    Ensure to be in the session room at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the session.


    Format for presentation: PDF slides or 16:9 ratio PowerPoint for Windows. In case of Mac presentations, when choosing fonts for your presentation, please use the fonts you find on the Windows Office Compatible sub-menu and you’ll have no trouble with PowerPoint for Windows.


    Uploading your presentation file in advance is the most important step you will take to ensure your presentation is a success!
    All presenting authors will be able to upload their presentation remotely through our e-SlideCenter (ICC 2024 dedicated uploading platform) starting from June 25th. You will receive an email with a link and login to connect.
    Checking in at the Speaker-ready room will also be possible at the Convention Centre during the conference. The Speaker-room will be open from 8:00 every day, from Monday 15 to Friday 19 July, and on Sunday 14 July afternoon from 15:00 to 18:00.
    It will not be possible to use personal laptops. At the end of the conference, all files will be destroyed.
    All speakers are required to provide their presentation file at least 2 hours before their presentation or the day before in case of first morning sessions. Those speakers presenting at morning sessions on Monday 15 July (i.e. from 9:20 and from 11:00) are encouraged to provide their presentations on Sunday 14 July at the latest.
    When checking in, please bring a copy of your presentation on USB storage device to load to a conference computer (if not already done through the e-SlideCenter). When reviewing your presentation, make sure all fonts and/or audio/video clips are working properly. You may edit your presentation at this time. When you are finished reviewing your presentation and verifying it is ready, ICC 2024 staff will copy your presentation and ensure that it is transferred to the appropriate session and room.

    Regulations: During oral sessions conducted at ICC 2024, unauthorized photography, videotaping, and audio recording is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply may result in the removal of the offender from the session or from the remainder of the conference.



    There are 3 poster sessions scheduled on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 17:30 to 19:30. The presenting author should be available near his/her poster during the allocated poster session for discussions with interested colleagues.

    Posters should be set up and removed in the Poster area according to the alloted session:
    • Poster session 1: Monday 15 July - Set-up from 10:00 / Removal at 19:30
    • Poster session 2: Tuesday 16 July - Set-up from 10:00 / Removal at 19:30
    • Poster session 3: Thursday 18 July - Set-up from 10:00 / Removal at 19:30

    Posters not collected after the end of session will be disposed of.

    All posters must be prepared in English and be in the format 841 mm x 1,189 mm (width x eight - poster dimension according to A0-format). Please observe that all posters should have a portrait layout in order to fit the poster board.
    Each poster session presenter will be provided with a poster board and velcro stickers. The board will be labelled with the assigned Poster ID-number that will be communicated later on.
  • EVENT PLANNER - Registration CONTACT
    26, avenue Jean Kuntzmann - 38330 Montbonnot, France
    Tel: +33 825 595 525 (0,15€/min*)
    Information desk: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:00
    (*) Prices starting from fixed line incumbent, a surcharge may be applied by operators, counting the second after the first 45 seconds.

    According to France's Personal Data Privacy Act in effect since June 2004, you may send a request in writing to INSIGHT OUTSIDE 26 avenue Jean Kuntzmann - Montbonnot-Saint-Martin 38330 / France, or by email webmaster@insight-outside.fr to access your file in order to consult, modify and/or delete your personal information.

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