• For the first time, the worldwide catalysis community had an opportunity to contribute with its ideas and energy to the preparation of an ICC.
    The objective of the “Build your ICC!” project was to promote individual or group initiatives around catalysis that are rooted in the great vitality and imagination of our community and that will eventually lead to labeled ICC2024 events.
    Specifically, the scientific program will include the following topics chosen thanks to the call for short symposia organized in Spring 2023 :

    - T6- Unifying concepts to tackle dynamics in computational catalysis Organizers: A. Comas Vives (TU Wien, Austria), A. Nova (Univ. Oslo, Norway), M. Podewitz (TU Wien, Austria), N. Lopez (ICIQ, Spain)

    - T7- Quantum simulation combined with machine learning for catalysis Organizers: P. Raybaud (IFPEN, France), W. Schneider (Univ. Notre-Dame, USA), V. van Speybroeck (Univ. Ghent, Belgium)

    - T10- Transient Methods in Heterogeneous Catalysis
    Organizers: E. Redekop (Univ. Oslo, Norway), Y. Schuurman (IRCELYON, France), E. Kondratenko (Leibniz Inst., Germany)

    - T16- Data as the key resource in digital catalysis
    Organizers: A. Trunschke (FHI Berlin, Germany), P. Mendes (Univ. Lisbon, Portugal), S. Schunk (BASF, Germany), A. Nieva de la Hidalga (Univ. Cardiff, UK), S. Scott (Univ. California, USA), M. Beller (Leibniz Inst., Germany)

    - T18- Transitioning from refining to circular and sustainable chemistry: transition metal sulfide catalysts at the crossroads
    Organizers: L. Oliviero (Univ. Caen, France), H. Torres Galvis (Ketjen, The Netherlands), E. Hensen (Univ. Eindhoven, The Netherlands), H. Nie (SINOPEC, China), E. Girard (IFPEN, France)

    - T20- Single-Atom Catalysis
    Organizers: T. Zhang (Dalian Inst. Chem. Phys., China), G. Hutchings (Univ. Cardiff, UK), A. Datye (Univ. New Mexico, USA), J. Pérez-Ramirez (ETH Zürich, Switzerland), P. Christopher (Univ. Santa Barbara, USA), R. Catlow (Univ. Cardiff, UK), A. Wang (Dalian Inst. Chem. Phys., China)

    - T22- Catalytic reactions for hydrogen storage and release
    Organizers: V. Meille (IRCELYON, France), L. Barrio (Univ. Bilbao, Spain), P. de Jongh (Univ. Utrecht, The Netherlands), N. Bion (Univ. Poitiers, France), D. Bessarabov (North-West Univ., South Africa), R. Janot (Univ. Picardie, France)

    - The present and future of electricity-based heating in catalysis
    Organizers: A. Stankiewicz (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland), E. Tronconi (POLIMI, Italy)

    Other round table meetings will be announced later.

    The organizers are grateful to the numerous individuals or teams that have contributed to this call and therefore defining part of the ICC scientific program through the “Build your ICC!” initiative.
    Given the success of the call for short symposia but limited interest for the forum which was opened in this purpose, the organizers have decided to close the forum. Nevertheless, suggestions remain welcome through the “Build your ICC!” email: build-your-icc@icc-lyon2024.fr
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