• Throughout our career, professional development can help us build our future. In resonance with the 18th ICC motto « Roots and Wings for a Better World », we propose the following professional development events.
  • “TENDING TO OUR WINGS” Professional development event over lunch

    Monday, July 15th and Wednesday, July 17th - 12:30-13:30
    Organized by the young scientists committee

    Addressed primarily but not exclusively to early career researchers to help take off , have lunch at one of the five themed-tables to exchange with our experts on Ethics of scientific integrity and reproducibility, Diversity, equity and inclusion, Time management, Mentoring or Science communication.

    Key words: Scientific integrity and reproducibility, Diversity, equity and inclusion, Time management, Mentoring, Science communication

    Time management


    Science communication

    Ethics of scientific integrity and reproducibility

    Diversity, equity and inclusion

    These sessions will feature expert-led sub-groups for each theme, encouraging open dialogue and diverse perspectives. Seize the opportunity to connect and share insights, and to enhance your professional development in a more relaxed and interactive setting.
  • “TENDING TO OUR ROOTS” Professional development event over lunch

    Tuesday, July 16th and Thursday, July 18th - 12:30-13:30
    Organized by the ethics committee

    Addressed to all researchers at any stage of their career, to offer an interdisciplinary moment -intertwining catalysis and history, philosophy, sociology & Earth system- sciences for continuous grounding of our research. Participate to an interdisciplinary dialogue :
    “Consider the power of Catalysis, the science of Acceleration over a century, through social sciences lenses”

    Key words: Catalysis, Transformation, Anthropocene, History, Philosophy, Geography.

    Meet during the lunch break an historian, a sociologist, a chemist or a philosopher around an interdisciplinary conversation intertwining the practice of catalysis with the complex fabric of the 21st century to discuss our common Anthropocene-rooted interdependencies and disciplinary needs for continuous grounding of our research practices.
  • “TENDING TO A BETTER FUTURE” Professional development event over lunch

    Friday, July 19th - 12:30-13:30
    Organized by the young scientists committee & the ethics committee

    Addressed to all, in an intergenerational event co-organized by the Young Scientist committee and Ethics committee, to discuss how scenarios and other shared narratives can help shape our futures, there included our future research in catalysis.

    Key words: Intergenerational, professional development, T-shaped skills and knowledge, Scenarios, Narratives for the future

    Mixing young scientists and confirmed researchers, mixing our roots and our wings, come talk about your take–home messages of the week: drawing on the exchanges of the previous lunch events, what are the take home message on how catalysis, and a conference like this, can shape the better futures to come?
  • Registration and attendance
    Attendance to the lunch events is included in the conference registration fees, but limited seats are available, so be sure to reserve your spot by selecting up to two preferred themes during registration. To facilitate participation, lunch boxes should be requested for an uninterrupted experience.  
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